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Urknall Weltall Leben - Internäscheenäl 29 10. 2017 12:21 #21465

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Hello everybody - this is UWL-Internäscheenäl speaking!
I'd like to introduce my Self - my name is JOE GÄÄßNÖÖRR.
As we are broadcasting to you on this beautyful springday in the South of Germany, i'd like the audience to embrace with me, wehre we are.
This is not just the area, wehre the Oktoberfest is located and wehre we build all these nice BeeEmmDabbeljuuuus, Pawcheese and Mercy-this-benzes, no this is furthermore
The epicenter, the heart and the promised land of all modern physics.
Just a stones throw away, you are in Weil der Stadt, where Johannes Kepler was born, one foot infront the other and you are in Ulm, where young Albert Einstein had school-lessons on geometry. Muinich is near, where Arnold Sommerfeld snatched the Feinstrukturkonstante from nature. People like Werner Heisenberg worked an lived in this area.
But in the holy name of Laptop&Lederhose - enough of the talk!
For today we are going to start with a series called " von Aristoteles zur Stringtheorie"
And the first part is called:"Prolog und Nebra"

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